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We are a 73-acre family owned ranch located just outside of Sanger, Texas (which is 45 miles north of Dallas/Fort Worth).  Our exclusive focus is on caring for the physical, medical, and emotional needs of retired horses.  As a full-board, non-riding facility, we are dedicated to providing a family oriented environment that offers our senior equine friends all the special needs as well as luxuries of retirement.

Deanna grew up riding horses, but didn't truly become addicted until 2005.  As a psychologist and mental health professional, she began incorporating horses into her work with people.  Believing strongly that horses are better teachers than most humans, Deanna allows all the horses of Shadowcreek to become healers and partners to those that come out.  

Jason also grew up riding and living around horses.  As a young man living in South Texas, he frquently participated in Salt Grass Trail riding into Houston.  Moving to Dallas in 2005, Jason knew he would continue building a home that had horses in every pasture.  He continues maintaining the barn, caring for all the horses and animals of Shadowcreek with his wife, Deanna.  

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